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Memento Myco Mori

Ganoderma Lucidum, wood-based waste (sawdust, straw, cardboard...), brass, plexiglass, oak. 2023

Exhibitions: Plasticocene, by Collectif Polymer, Friche Belle de Mai, Marseille, France / Marcel Longchamp Festival, during Journée du Patrimoine 2022, in the gardens of Palais Longchamp, in partnership with Château de Servières, Marseille, France.

Memento Myco Mori is situated within the history of art and vanitas or Memento Mori, through reflection on death and the ephemeral nature of our bodies. It draws inspiration from the classical tradition of tomb effigies and Christ at the tomb.

This artwork revisits this theme in a poetic and joyful manner, depicting death not as an end, but as the beginning of a new cycle of material transformation. Beyond the reference to death, this recumbent figure is like a resting silhouette gazing at the sky, and will vanish while nourishing the Earth.

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