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MycoTemple is a space for physical and spiritual transformation. It’s a five meters wide dome, entirely grown from the countless filaments of a living being: mycelium. 


Entering MycoTemple is discovering another world. The thickness of its wall isolates from outside sounds. In the semi-darkness, we find ourselves enveloped in a intriguing material, lush with textures and colors. Some patches are rough like minerals, others are soft like velvety skin. Each square centimeter is a microscopic landscape meant to be contemplated, caressed. The captivating smell of underwood establishes an intimate relationship with our bodies. 


The sensorial immersion into this organism grown into an architecture trigger a state of augmented awareness and a feeling of presence. This space invites to delve into ourselves, it awakens something primordial deep inside of us. 


MycoTemple is meant to nurture our essential bond with the Living. MycoTemple is a place to nurture our relationship with others. The shape of the dome evokes ancestral dwellings. Caves where human beings would shelter from the dangers of the outside. The shape of the dome also evokes sacred architecture throughout the world places where we would gather in circles and tell stories, sparkling a common imagination, and narratives that would cement the feeling of being part of a community.

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